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October 29, 2018

June 25, 2018

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11月23~25日ファミリー物産フェスタ in 泰阜村

November 22, 2018

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染色のこと Dyeing things

November 2, 2017







There used to be a woman who was in charge of natural dyeing in the Sankyo kogei. After this person returned home this year, I continued natural dyeing.


But, Sankyo kogei will end in the spring next year, although there is only two years here. Given the experience value of our natural dyeing, it is insignificant.








It is a strange start, but the introduction is important.

I am making small booklets, thinking about leaving such a natural dyeing experience note.

The natural dyeing done in the village of Yasuoka uses native plants, so I thought that this experience might be useful for some people who would like to dye in this village in the future.














As we mentioned earlier, we will leave a bit of our own experience, so it may not be a guide to plant dyeing.
I think that it is impossible with this booklet to investigate plants other than those we used.
"Dye cotton with plant of the village " Although this is such content, it is only about 10 types of plants used in the studio.


However, nonetheless possibly, I think it will be a maniac one.
"Natural dyeing in Yasuoka village" So, there may be characteristics only in this village.
It is a record of our natural dyeing based on Yasuoka village.
When the booklet is completed, I plan to distribute it for free to people in the village.
If you do not mind, please read it.






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